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I can make a difference. I am an expert in societal advocacy, communications, strategic planning, human rights (esp. child rights). Brainstorming and bird-eye -perspectives to societal development are my strengths.

Good governance and participatory approach are my priorities – where ever I work. 

During the last 10 years my focus has been in redesigning child, youth and family well-being – policies and services in Finland, towards more human rights based and human centered and equal direction – tackling the challenges that scattered and profession centered system poses. This has meant lot of efforts towards networking, committing actors to common childrights based values and goals, reforming mindsets and organizational cultures in both social, health and education fields. Working together with children and families in mind is the key to the success!

However, child and family policies is not my only field of interest. I have experience in various policy fields from economic and employment to education and social and health affairs both as a Member of Parliament and as a civil servant from the early 1990´s onwards. I have acted as a Member of several national committees and working groups appointed by the Ministries of Education and Social and Health Affairs and Prime Ministers office.

As an example of my recent experience: Few years ago I conducted an Independent investigation to the Ministry of Employment and to the government on the possibilities to reform employment related services more customer oriented (2016).

The report is unfortunately only in Finnish:  Työllisyyskokeilujen selvitys – Työllisyyspalveluiden ja -tukien käyttäjälähtöistä arviointia

My experience includes nine years as the first ombudsman for children in Finland, twelve years in national parliament – four years as a chair of the Budget Committee, eight years as the deputy Chair of the Center Party in Finland (one of the biggest parties in our country, member of ALDE) and two years all together serving three prime ministers as political coordinator, speech writer and economic policy advisor.

I have an extensive experience in the NGO field since 1980´s (youth work, development co-operation, work against rascim, child rights and family issues). Currently I am the chair of Finnish Family Federation (Väestöliitto).. Our mission is to work for the well-being of families, youth and population as a whole, promote human rights as well as healthy, safe, happy and balanced life.

I have studied media an politics both in Helsinki University and at Harvard, MA. I served for 20 years first in the Supervisory Board and later in the Governing Board of the Finnish Broadcasting Corporation (YLE).

 I have participated in democracy building workshops with the NDI in Morocco (1999) and with OECD in South Africa (2001) and done election observing</p>

I think globally and act locally. I am a chair of Evangelic-Lutheran Church Council at Viitasaari, my home city. I am a member of the National Council of Lutheran Church of Finland, too. I am able to recognize the religious aspects of the social development and accustomed to the dialoque across religions.

I am a Licentiate in Political Sciences (1990) from Helsinki University. I received the Doctor of Social Sciences honorary degree from the University of Jyväskylä at 2013. Since 1990´s I have been active public affairs columnist in several Finnish papers.

I live in Middle-Finland Viitasaari with my husband Seppo and children Anni and Lauri (15 years). My hobbies are gardening, music, gym and work in our local parish. I am born in 1962 in Tervola, in the northern Finland, where I served as a Member of Parliament. My working languages are Finnish, English, Swedish. German language I understand but speak less.